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General Mayhem with 'peacekeeper'
84. December 2015
'Peace Summit' absurdist film
Andrew Vial produced, directed and acted the lead role (General Mayhem) in a film for exhibition at Kino Kabaret, Sydney..

acs shoot
83. November 2015
Australian Cinematographers Shoot
Andrew Vial featured in a film on workplace diversity for Australia Post.

Acting Agent's office
82. September 2015
Web Series Pilot
Working with Producer/Actor, Matt Lausch, Andrew Vial played the role of an inept Acting Agent in a pilot web series.

Art-house masterclass
81. September 2015
Art-house Masterclass
As a highlight of BIAFF 2015, Andrew Vial was commisioned to present the Acting Masterclass at the Batumi State Art University in Georgia.

80. August 2015
Democracy Discussion
Anderw Vial spoke at the Round Table Forum in Parliament House, on our horrific history and Governor Macquarie, who in 1814 ordered soldiers to shoot trespassing Aboriginies and hang their bodies from trees, to deter others.

share trade monologue
79. August 2015
Share Traders Monologue
Sweeneys historic barbershop - Sydney, with proprietor Effie, was used as the location for the Andrew Vial acting piece "Share Traders".

City of Amoy, China
78. August 2015
Amoy China Meeting
The future of the Asia Pacific Film Festival to be decided at a meeting of Head delegates with Andrew Vial representing Sydney - Australia in Amoy, China. It is the first time the event is held on mainland China.

'The Plan'
77. June 2015
Suicide or Euthanasia
Andrew Vial acted in 'The Plan' a short film by Adrian Tan, which questions the ethics of a person wishing to commit suicide by lethal injection.

still from 'ghosts'
76. April 2015
Absurdist Comedy 'Ghosts'
Andrew Vial plays a religious door-knocker in the comedy skit 'Ghosts' with Cathie Malone and Connie Wong. Directed by Adrian Tan.

completed ship
75. April 2015
Set Construction
A 1/10 scale model of the 'Endeavour' was made from cane, paper and other material as an excercise in movie set construction. Andrew Vial was one of the four creators and builders.

deciding who leaves
74. March 2015
'Rock Paper Scissors'
This short film was shot in a deserted Sydney factory and features Andrew Vial, Connie Wong and Tim Tari.

world champion
73. February 2015
Music Video Performance
Andrew Vial played the role of a degenerate aristocratic diner in the video clip by Australian band 'World Champion'.

charleston challenge 2015
72. February 2015
Giant Charleston Challenge
Andrew Vial documented on video the successull Guiness Book of Records attempt to break the previous Charleston simultanious dancers record.

Colombian Studio Holdup - Improv.
71. February 2015
Colombian Acting Improvised Holdup
Participants at Andrew's acting Masterclass improvised a TV Studio holdup 'Colombian Style' using available objects only for props.

Re-enactment documentary
70. February 2015
'TV Distribution of Programs'
Andrew Vial Film Productions PL authorised the broadcasting of 'Avalanche' and 'Bridging Sydney Harbour' throughout Columbia and Venezuela in an initial distribution and exhibition deal for South America.

Staff from Canal TV Network
69. January 2015
'Columbian TV Technicians at Masterclass'
Staff from Canal de Television Network in Columbia, South America attended a Masterclass in Film Direction/Acting given by Andrew Vial at the University of Cartagena.

with Director Alan Hicks
68. November 2014
'War on Baby'
Andrew Vial performed the skit 'War on Baby' at the old Fitzroy Pub, Sydney. Originally written as part of the show for a 'Night of Nonsense' with Jan Carroll.

Actors Performing
67. October 2014
Georgian Acting/Directing Masterclass
Film personnel from Georgia came to the Batumi State Art University for the Masterclass in filmmaking by Andrew Vial. Improvised scenes were also created and acted out by enthusiastic participants.

Andrew Vial on Joy's World
66. September 2014
Joy's World Featured Andrew Vial
Joy Hruby, presenter of Joy's World TV Show, interviewed Andrew Vial on Channel 44. The segment was shown three times in the week (Monday 7:30pm, Wednesday 1:30pm and Friday 8:30am).

BIAFF Trophies
65. September 2014
Batumi Film Jury Invitation
Batumi International Art-House Film Festival - Georgia, requested Andrew Vial as a Jury member for B.I.A.F.F 2014.
64. August 2014
Audition Film 'Army Guys'
Andrew Vial produced a short video and acted the role of a battle-scarred soldier who refuses to re-inlist.

Andrew and Jan sing 'Banana Boat'
63. July 2014
'Banana Boat' Film produced in-house
The Harry Belafonte version of the 'Banana Loaders Song', sung by Andrew Vial and Jan Carroll. This video highlights the depravation of slaves and workers on Jamaican banana plantations.
62. June 2014
Psycho Killer Audition Film
Andrew Vial created a short film for International Producers and Film Acting Agents. Playing the role of a Mass Murderer, he confesses his crimes to his Lawyer.

Cameo Role in Life Class
61. March 2014
Cameo Role in Life Class
Andrew Vial acted in Director, Tom Cowan's film 'Life Class' set in 1920, in rural New South Wales.

jiff masterclass 2014
60. February 2014
Writing and Acting Masterclasses
JIFF 2014 industry participants and film students featured in masterclasses given by Andrew Vial.

publicity shot for 'Unboken'
59. January 2014
Publicity Pictures
Publicity for the new Angelina Jolie directed film 'Unbroken' in which Andrew Vial acted, have appeared in Australian media outlets. Expected release in 2015.

Sir Run Run Shaw
58. January 2014
Vale - Sir Run Run Shaw Asian Movie Mogul
The most prolific and famous movie maker of Asia in the 20th Century, Sir Run Run Shaw passed away leaving an enormous film philanthropic legacy. Both Sir Run Run and his son, Vee Meng Shaw were mentors to Andrew Vial.

Award presentation
57. December 2013
Andrew Vial Given Life Commitment Award
At a movie industry luncheon in Macau, Andrew Vial was presented with a life time commitment award.

Princess Soma Norodom - Cambodia
56. December 2013
'Movie Chutzpah' Theme for 56th APFF
The Australian film 'Ruin' won best feature film - Editing, for its Cambodian love story set in a brutal and exploitative world of crime and violence.

HRH Prince Dadianov
55. October 2013
Prince Dadianov Meeting
His Royal Higness Prince V. A. Dadianov, Prince of the Russian Empire, diplomat and Georgian Consul General Australia, expressed his interest and support for Batumi International Art-House Film Festival 2013 at an informal meeting with Andrew Vial.

relaxing on forecourt
54. September 2013
International Guest Invitation - Ajaria, Georgia
Batumi International Art - House Film Festival, Georgia, extended a special invitation to Andrew Vial for workshopping film projects.

tango at tap gallery
53. July 2013
'The Face of The Tango Dancer''
Andrew Vial developed a pictorial theme of Argentinian dance performers, by shooting over three hunderd photos together with short videos, at Sydney Milongas.

Some cast and crew
52. March 2013
"BULLY BOYS" Film Produced, Directed and Premiered
The film "BULLY BOYS" made in India with Andrew vial Director, mentoring cast and crew, was shown at the Awards night, Nashik International Film Festival 2013.

51. March 2013
Invited by Indian city of Nashik
Andrew vial was requested to give a Directing masterclass at KTM University, Nashik and make a film to celebrate the 'One Hundred Years of Indian Cinema'.

New Guinea Photo
50. February 2013
Oceanic Art Society uses L.G. Vial photo.
Some historic old photos taken by the late L.G. Vial (father of Andrew Vial) have been found by the Oceanic Art Society and used as promotions and magazine covers.

Award presenters
49. February 2013
Andrew Vial Masterclass at Jaipur, India.
In addition to being on the international film jury at JIFF 2013, Andrew gave a directing masterclass and was a featured presenter at the awards.

Painted images from Indian film history
48. January/February 2013
100 years of Indian Film
Andrew Vial has been invited as a special guest to attend at ceremonies celebrating 100 years of Indian film making.

Andrew with volunteer Tonia and Delegate Bill Mousoulis
47. December 2012
New Starting Line in Macau.
2012 Asia Pacific Film Festival was hosted by Macau SAR. Andrew Vial, led a delegation of Australian Directors.

Goldfish Romance!
46. November 2012
'ISLAND CROSS' For Festival Circuit.
Andrew Vial, Dir/Prod/Actor released the movie 'ISLAND CROSS' which was shot on an island in the Persian Gulf.

Toasting the event
45. July 2012
Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival.
Scripitng, acting, directing masterclasses were given by Andrew Vial in Kathmandu with indigenous filmmakers, from around the world participating.

Beijing Film making
44. May 2012
Advanced Preparations Made.
For the first ever hosting of the Asia Pacific Film Festival in China and organisation of the Australian Film Delegation to attend.
Newspaper clipping
43. February 2012
Directing Masterclasses.
As a part of JIFF 2012 Andrew Vial conducted masterclasses in Directing and Acting for Indian Film Students.
Traditional lifestyle
42. January 2012
Camel Trek - Audiovisual Shoot.
Andrew Vial produced a video with the Hacra desert folk, in the Thar Desert of India.
Mosque, KishJailmahal Palace, Jaipur
41. January 2012
Invitation to India's Pink City.
The Australian Film "Edge Of The Ice" Prod/Dir Andrew Vial, has been officially invited to screen at the 4th Jaipur International Film Festival, in Rajasthan, India.
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