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board meeting
Board meeting
261. June 2021
Australian/Iranian Film
Iranian actor Najmeh Shoara starred in 'A Sunny Day' film, directed by Madjid Alaei.
Andrew Vial played the role of a Sydney Council manager.
covid campaign
Covid campaign
260. June 2021
'Arm Yourself' Govt Advert
The Australian Government's concerted effort to speed up Covid-19 vaccinations used Andrew Vial for print and media national exposure.
259. June 2021
'Brush' Dir/Prod Liam Short
Andrew Vial stars as a demented man who regresses through a bewildering world, into isolation.
258. June 2021
Macquarie Film Fest - Win
'Doldrums' starring Andrew Vial and produced by Elise Bradley won best film, best Director, best Editing and best Actor at Macquarie University Film Festival at its premiere against twenty five other films.
family drama
Family Drama
257. June 2021
Story OF Nadia
Andrew Vial played 'Uncle Bill' in the feature film family drama 'The Story Of Nadia' written and produced by Toufic Saadeh, directed by Billy El Kaddour.
entering booth
Entering booth
256. May 2021
Body Image Collection
A company which provides data for AI machine learning used Andrew Vial inside a booth to collect body images from precisely positioned cameras.
the gamblers
The Gamblers
255. May 2021
Bloodstock Film Shoot
Andrew Vial played 'Vince' a man who gets news of his terminal condition, while others gambled on his life expectancy..
blending in
Blending in
254. May 2021
Print Brochure Advertisement
Four antiquated actors enjoyed a day blending in with residents of an aged care home for a print advertising brochure.
before and afters
Before and afters
253. April 2021
Artifacts Created
Real photographs of Andrew Vial from the past were photoshopped as back-story items for the character of Martin the sailor, in 'Doldrums'.
production still
Production still
252. April 2021
'Doldrums' Film Produced
A film about a retired racing sailor's inevitable move to a nursing home was made.
Andrew Vial played the lead role of Martin, and his reluctant move into Aged Care.
camera setup
Camera setup
251. March 2021
Driver Fatigue Video
Andrew Vial acted as a driver in a program using AI to create a database on driver fatigue.
Cameras inside the car relayed data to a high level computer.
alternating roles
Alternating roles
250. March 2021
Uni Student Director Exams
Andrew Vial was requested as a professional actor for student direction practice.
The students were assessed in Directing talent, as part of their screen and media course.
249. March 2021
Campaign Recognises Malnourishment
Thousands of Australians are unaware that they are malnourished.
This campaign used six actors of different demographics to show the range of malnurtrition. Andrew Vial represented older males.

band member
Band member
248. February 2021
'The Empire Strips Back''
The worldwide release on February 19th, 2021 of 'The Empire Strips Back - Holiday Special' featured Andrew Vial in the musical video 'The Prince Of The Night'.
tied up and caged
Tied up and caged
247. February 2021
Psychopathic Farmer
The final location for 'The Wrong Ned' was a farm in Bulli, NSW.
Andrew Vial played Ned, a psychopathic kidnapper.
unit base
Unit base
246. February 2021
TV Series Season Three
The leafy suburbs of Sydney were used to shoot scenes for a significant television production.
Andrew Vial acted the role of an aged nursing home resident.
between takes
Between takes
245. February 2021
'The Wrong Ned'
Andrew Vial played Ned, an extremely nasty stalker and kidnapper in the film 'The Wrong Ned'. This is the seventh feature film produced and directed by James Trimboli.
calling for help
Calling for help
244. January 2021
Aged Care TVC
A television commercial requesting more staff for aged care homes was produced with Andrew Vial acting the role of a resident. The plea was directed to the current Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.
leigh vial
Leigh Vial
243. January 2021
'Officer & Kiap' Film
The story Liegh 'Golden Voice' Vial, a second World War hero of both Australian and American troops is being produced.
Liegh's younger brother Colonel R.R. Vial is also featured.
242. January 2021
Naked World Podcast
Andrew Vial was interviewed by Jaimie and Aspasia Leonarder for a podcast about his film directing and acting history.
The podcast runs seventy three minutes.
241. December 2020
Experimental Zoom Table Read
Andrew Vial was requested to narrate the play "In Bed" which is a fictional account of the use of beds by some famous people.
The characters included Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono and John Lennon. Playwright was Katrina Samaras.
reception scene
Reception Scene
240. December 2020
Luxury Retirement Living
Andrew Vial with three other models enjoyed working in a luxury retirement living facility while acting in a TVC and print media promotion, being shot in Sydney.
space guitarist
Space Guitarist
239. December 2020
Acting Band Member
A parody music video (burlesque) set in the Star Wars universe and shot on the Central NSW coast featured Andrew Vial as a backing band member.
Josef and Andrew
Josef and Andrew
238. December 2020
'Afterlife Digital''
Andrew Vial had a small part in Joelle Snono's film 'Afterlife Digital' which starred Josef Schnieder and Kat Johnson.
237. December 2020
'The Hotel'
A comicbook film production by William Wong starred Andrew Vial as a traveller who stumbled unwittingly into a hotel staffed by cockroaches who poison their human guests.
236. November 2020
'Le Sillage' - Student Film
A middle-aged man and woman with an unhappy marriage argue in a cinema.
Thirty years later the man now a widower, played by Andrew Vial, breaks down and cries because of his memories.
tesse group
Tesse group
235. November 2020
Tesse Music Premiere
'My Madeline' video was released live on YouTube.
Andrew Vial was an actor and singer in the chorus.
234. November 2020
'Perfect Move'
Andrew Vial featured as a Pontiff facing an assassination plot in a film shot at Cockatoo Island, Sydney.
The star is Rhea Zhang who organises his escape.
233. November 2020
Andrew Vial played a distraught father searching for his missing son in the film 'Hippocampus' which featured many memory scenes and surreal dream sequences.
restaurant scene
Restaurant Scene
232. October 2020
'Lime Cordiale' Video
Andrew Vial acted in 'Lime Cordiale - Reality Check Please' as a restaurant patron and group dance performer.
improv acting
Improv acting
231. October 2020
Australian Directors Guild
Andrew Vial was chosen as one of six actors to work remotely with elite film directors in a program for the Australian Directors Guild.
The broadcast was produced by the AFTRS.
director and actors
Director and actors
230. October 2020
'Table For Two'
A film about the meeting of a famous old author (Andrew Vial) and a young student was made with Max Mayer-Rayment as the student.
The Bayview Tavern in Gladesville and the Exchange Hotel, Balmain were used for interior and exterior scenes.

229. September 2020
Flexible Age Care Services
To promote help for disabled and old people during Covid 19 pandemic, a video was produced with Andrew Vial acting as a model recipient.
wrap shot
Wrap shot
228. September 2020
'Dilemma' Music Shoot
Ambient Book Club Band used Andrew Vial acting for the release of their song 'Dilemma'.
The production was shot at the iconic Red Rattler, in Sydney.
227. September 2020
'Song Boy'
As part of his characterisation of Reverend Peter - an Anglican Minister, Andrew Vial gave a Palm Sunday sermon. The film 'Song Boy' was written and directed by Ethan Price.
226. August 2020
Acting in dementia film
In a tribute to his mother who died in her mid-nineties, Andrew Vial acted in a film entitled 'Heartbreaking Journey Dementia' produced by Rophe Films.
225. August 2020
Automatic Dialogue Replacement
Andrew Vial was commisioned to perform studio re-voicing (ADR), on a film about professional fishermen. This film originally suffered from poor sound quality.
village life
Village life
224. July 2020
'Ropes and Stones'
This tale from the 18th Century of alleged witchery and murder was shot in Sydney bushland starring the actress Bedilia.
Andrew Vial played a witness to the violent and treacherous conclusion.
World Citizen cast
223. July 2020
'World Citizen' - A Love Story
This film, shot in Australia was directed remotely by Jullian Prassumiwi in Indonesia while waiting to return to Australia during Covid '19 restrictions.
Andrew Vial played the father of the bride.
record store
Record store
222. July 2020
'Dead Heading' Movie
A film about the end of an era of record shops was produced in Sydney. Andrew Vial acted the part of a fellow shop owner interested in taking on a new business.
Richard Tonkin played the part of the shop seller.
221. July 2020
'Elder Abuse' Information
Andrew Vial was commisioned to act in a film about elder abuse.
He played the part of a person suffering in a domestic situation.
brown note victim
Brown note victim
220. June 2020
'Brown Note'
Andrew Vial was the actor in a Californian comedic film about a mysterious sound, called the 'Brown Note'.
It was written by Louie Gallagher, and produced by TH Epress Films.
Actors in Georgia
Actors in Georgia
219. June 2020
Triage Hostage - Live Stream
'Triage Hostage' produced and directed by Andrew Vial at Batumi Art University, Georgia was shown at Kino Sydney Live #150. Andrew also streamed a video explaining the production methods used.
dead dad
Dead Dad
218. March 2020
Comedic Horror Film
'Coffin Run' written and directed by Alex Robinson was shot at locations around Sydney.
It starred Andrew Vial as a ghost and 'dead dad' who haunts a delusional and psychotic son.
studio set
Studio Set
217. February 2020
AFTRS Podcast
Andrew Vial played the part of a concerned train traveller in a podcast produced by Jenna D'apice, entitled 'Refuge - Early Flight'.
amphitheatre stage
Amphitheatre Stage
216. January 2020
Rajisthan Actors
Theatre actors studying at the drama department of Rajisthan Uni, in India, demonstrated their amphitheatre stage and studio space, where they have given many public performances.
family dinner
Family Dinner
215. January 2020
'The Lumberjack' - Shoot
Andrew Vial played 'Herman', a Lumberjack patriarch in a film shot in the Snowy/Nimitabel area of NSW.
Actor Jay Kallaway played his son 'Solomon' and Melissa Haydee played the grand-daughter 'Madeline'.
coproduction plan
Coproduction Plan
214. January 2020
Chinese Feature Pre-Prod Discussions
A Chinese productiuon company approached Andrew Vial to discuss the coproduction of a touristic feature film involving Australia, Sri Lanka, China and India.
film market
Film Market
213. January 2020
Indian Invitation as Special Guest
Andrew Vial attended JIFF 2020 as an international guest and as expert filmmaker panelist of Jaipur Film Market 2020.
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