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l-r: Jeff Bollow (NZ), Tikoy Aguiluz (Phillipines), U-Wei Hj. Saari (Malaysia), Andrew Vial (Aus) & Sozo Teruoka (JP)
l-r: Jeff Bollow (NZ), Tikoy Aguiluz (Phillipines), U-Wei Hj. Saari (Malaysia), Andrew Vial (Aus)& Sozo Teruoka (JP)
24. November 2007
International Jury Member - Malaysia
Andrew Vial represented Australia on the jury for the (KLIFF) - Kuala Lumpur, International Film Festival 2007.
TIFFCOM 2007 guests
TIFFCOM 2007 guests
23. October 2007
International Guest in Japan
The TIFFCOM 2007 Film Markets and Awards Ceremony were attended by international guest Andrew Vial.
Indian media at FICCI frames
Indian media at FICCI Frames
22. March 2007
Bollywood Trade Mission
Delegation of film professionals and educators, including Andrew Vial, promoted Australian film to Indian film production companies.
Andrew Vial with Hsi Wei Chou
Andrew Vial with Governor Chou
21. November 2006
Governor Supports Films
Hsi Wei Chou Taipei County Governor together with Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang pledge support for international film showcases.
Cate Blancett in a scene from 'Little Fish'
Cate Blanchett in a scene from 'Little Fish'
20. November 2006
Cate Blanchett Promoted
Andrew Vialexhibits 'Little Fish' starring Cate Blanchett for the opening of the 51st APFF in Taiwan.
Andrew Vial, seen here with Taiwanese Premier, Su Tseng-chang
Andrew Vial, seen here with Taiwanese Premier, Su Tseng-chang
19. March 2006
China/Taiwan Cooperation
Andrew Vial at the Beijing Film Academy organises Chinese films into competition with Taiwanese films in Taiwan.
18. February 2006
"A Whore's Tale"
Documentary film directed and produced by Andrew Vial in final stages of post production.

 CLICK HERE for 830Kb wmv clip

17. November 2005
Banff - Canada
Visit and participation of Andrew Vial in Canada's most famous mountain film festival.
16. November 2005
Audience With President
Slovac Rep. and Arts Minister for Andrew Vial for Slovac postage stamp promotion.
15. October 2005
Museum Opening
for 50th Anniversary Film Festival - Kuala Lumpur. Andrew Vial, board member, Australia, in discussions to select cities to hold 2008 and 2009 Asia Pacific Film Festivals.

CLICK HERE for 800Kb wmv clip
 CLICK HERE for 800Kb wmv clip

Big Mike, Cordon Bleu Chef 'Chocolate'
Big Mike, Cordon Bleu Chef 'Chocolate'
14. July 2005
TV Series Directed
Several episodes of 'Chocolate', a series featuring prominent African-American Australians being shot by Andrew Vial.
Journalists at Golden Horse Movie Awards
13. December 2004
Asia Pacific Board Meeting
in Tai-Chung City, Taiwan, attended by Andrew Vial, followed by a guest appearance at the Golden Horse Movie Awards.
Andrew Vial in scene from 'Jack and Neil'
Andrew Vial in scene from 'Jack and Neil'
12. November 2004
The Lead Role
of Hospital patient 'Jack' in a film 'Jack and Neil' was played by Andrew Vial.

It followed an earlier part as a journalist in a 'Smart' car TVC made by the same Producer, Director team of Anna van Kiempema and Erik Lundquist.

Fellow Judge Bruce Bucklin Miestodrzitelský Palác
11. October 2004
Professional Films Judged

Andrew Vial, Australia, Professor M. Filip , Czech Rep. and Bruce Bucklin, USA were the International judges at the Bratislava Film Festival.

The three also gave a talk to local film students at a chateau (now used as a private residence) overlooking the Danube River.

Image from cover of mountian film festival magazine, Poprad, Slovakia
10. October 2004
Mountain Films - Centre Stage

Andrew Vial, Michael Dillon and Ian Darling were the Australian invitees at the twelfth Medzinárodný festival horských filmov in Poprad, Slovakia.

Ian Darling Producer/Director of the adventure film "Alone Across Australia" was awarded the Grand Prix.

Andrew Vial addresses symposium
Andrew Vial addresses symposium
9. September 2004
Co-Production in Asia-Pacific

A symposium for the Japanese public with panellists;

  • Mr. Sunao Sakagami, Tokyo
  • Mr. Andrew Vial, Sydney
  • Ms. Julia Kao, Taipei
  • Dato Panchacharom, Kuala Lumpur
  • Ms. Minoo Farshchi, Teheran
  • Mr. Manop Udomdej, Bangkok
  • Mr. Do Duy Anh, Hanoi

was chaired by Professor Tadao Sato. The symposium held on September the 22nd in Fukuoka proposed viable solutions to the problems of international movie co-productions.

ASDA - Essential workshop for directors conference logo
8. September 2004
Capturing Performance

Andrew Vial was one of twelve Actors who demonstrated acting techniques at the annual Screen Directors Conference held in Sydney this year from September the 3rd to the 5th. Renowned theatre Director Marion Potts produced the segment titled "Capturing 3D relationships in 2D"

Roxy Cinema, Leeton, NSW,  Australia
g Outback theatre, the Leeton Roxy
7. July 2004
'Flicks In The Sticks'

Andrew Vial attended the Australian Outback Film Exhibition Conference 'Flicks in the Sticks' hosted by the NSW Film and Television Office at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery.

Andrew Vial outside TENASYA conference venue
6. June 2004
Cinematic Changes

Andrew Vial from Australia was invited to give the inaugural address at the Asian Film Market 'TENASYA 2004'. His topic, 'Cinematic Changes for a New Generation'.

5. May 2004
The world's only high-definition film festival, launched its 2004 World Tour in Sydney, on May 22 and 23. HDFEST's Sydney event showcased films created using high-definition technology. All screenings were presented in HD format.
Scene from 'Secrets of the Jury Room'
Scene from 'Secrets of the Jury Room'
4. May 2004
World Premiere of 'Secrets of the Jury Room'
On June the 17th, the historic NSW State Theatre presents the Sydney Film Festival's, World Premiere of 'Secrets of the Jury Room', a court room drama in which Andrew Vial plays the major role of Frank Towler.

'Modern Pilates' book cover.
3. April 2004
Pilates Teaching Video
Andrew Vial has just completed direction and shooting of a widescreen format teaching video for Penny Latey author of the book, 'Modern Pilates'. Two, one hour instructional videos have subsequently been produced for Pilates students from this footage.

Andrew Vial (centre) as Frank Towler.
2. April 2004
New SBS TV Programme Australia
Andrew Vial plays the pivotal role of Frank Towler in the court room drama made for SBS Australia in April 2004.

Towler has Motor Neuron Syndrome and decides to take his own life but after his death questions are asked whether he was capable of doing this, or whether his suicide was assisted.

Andrew Vial with other EKOTOP Jury members.
1. March 2004
New Festival For Czech Republic

'Tur Ostrava' organised by the same people who run 'EKOTOPFILM' in Slovakia will have it's inaugural Film Festival in May 2004 from the 18th to the 21st.

Andrew Vial was recently on the international jury of 'EKOTOPFILM' and is now looking for film and television programmes to represent Australia at this new event.

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