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Avalanche - Synopsis

Avalanche is a film on the Moment of Birth.

Although birth has been treated many ways on film it is imagined here from the point of view of the baby being born.

A lot of the film was shot on Infra-Red sensitive film stock giving the colours and textures an unreal feeling. The sound track was mixed from separate sources including in one instance a recording of a monitor of the baby's heartbeat.

Each birth was different, some babies fast to adjust to the new environment others slower and requiring special treatment.

All the births shown were normal and the overall impression is one of instinctive certainty as a contrast to the daily routine of medical attention.

This Film was a winner at Filmex Festival in Hollywood in 1977 and was re-released in 2003 for Tiburon (San Francisco) Film Festival, Ekotopfilm (Slovak Republic) and Tur Ostrava (Czech Republic) in 2004.

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