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'BULLY BOYS' - Information

The idea for "BULLY BOYS" came from a commitment by Andrew Vial to produce a short film with an all Indian cast and crew as part of his invitation to attend the Nashik International Film Festival in 2013.

It was the '100 Year Anniversary of Indian Cinema' and the project was to commerate this.

On arrival in Nashik, Andrew met with a group of film students to plan a theme, and settled on the subject of schoolyard bullying which had become a problem in Indian schools and universities.

He sketched out a script, conducted a workshop to select the crew and actors, and put forward his suggestions for facilities and security.

Both the head of the Film School and Nashik Festival director Mukesh Kaneri agreed, so the film was shot and edited on site and made available for distribution.

It was premiered at the Nashik 2013 Film Awards Night amidst much excitement from the participants.

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