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Transition ..
by Andrew Vial

Cross-legged smell of thunder
Whip-lashes sky.
Rain patter
Rhythmic wave rolls
Esplanade, St Kilda dark,
Lipstick, painted dolls.

Split creaking wooden fence
Possum height
Of trees
Digby's sleepout lights on
Woman on her knees.

Front garden lawn, a fixture
Studying - lost for time
Scanning text books, boring
Sunrise over beach,

Mathematics, physics, chem.
Energy and youth 
Soon to be a worker, paid 
Onward life 
Past treasures fade.

No more this trial and error time 
Show the man 
You'd fit the job. 
Work the rules 
To get the cash. 
Settle in - 
And take the bash.

Years have past. 
"White Lodge" is gone. 
Comes back in dreams 
Where all was born.

Andrew Vial 3/01/2006