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Edge Of The Ice

A man wakes up in a cabin in Lapland to a bleak winter landscape where an endurance snowmobile race is taking place.

He joins the racers in traditional activities of sauna and massage, and experiences the excitement of racing on ice. The exterior action is a contrast to the eroticism of indoor life, and this relationship is explored.

The film was made as a realised poetic dream, with the three universal themes of sport, lifestyle and music intertwined.

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra conducted by Hiroyuki Iwaki provided the music "Finlandia" by Sibelius and pre-shot film images were fitted to this arousing classical music without a single note being altered.

As a further discipline the film features no dissolves, and harks back to the editing of films made 100 years ago in an effort to get across the feeling of crashing across snow and ice in an endurance snowmobile race.

There is also in the poetry an environmental and cosmic awareness.

Director Andrew Vial

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